Steve Kardel

June 2021

My wife and I are extremely pleased with the work Beth and Jeff did for us on our attached garage mud room addition. We had a vision of doing a tandem garage in approximately the same location as our old garage. Beth and Jeff in a nice way suggested that was not the best solution. We wound up with a garage that compliments our existing home. It is proportionately appropriate, and has enhanced the street presence of our home. It is very rewarding to get very positive comments from neighbors and passersby about the addition.

Timothy O'Brien

June 2021

This was the first house we designed. The process was daunting but both Beth and Jeff led us down the right path. And that path was combining our ideas with their expertise. I am glad they were patient and I am glad they were experienced. It made the overall process work and we are now the proud owners of an amazing home. A big THANK YOU to both of them for helping us design our dream home.

Gerard Mortel

March 2021

Beth and Jeff are amazing. They delighted us with ideas we never even considered. Isn't that why you hire an architect? Our home is even more fabulous than we originally envisioned. I remember thinking, "I think I can design my own house." After just the first round of drawings I took it all back and said "Honey, I'm glad I decided hired an architect." They communicated with us regularly, properly managed our expectations, and met all the deadlines set to complete work. They also continued to follow us throughout the build phase and made site visits to make sure everything was in order. In other words, they were a pleasure to work with and was the only part of the four level renovation that was headache free. Eerily, Beth and Jeff were also correct in the cost estimate it took for the renovation. Your mileage may vary, but our original cost was much lower because we were willing to cut corners. As time went on, we realized we didn't want to cut those corners and no matter how carefully you plan, you will spend an extra 10% on contingencies. Those two reasons are why Beth and Jeff's estimates proved to be so accurate in the end. We wholeheartedly recommend DeBaker Design Group. Did I mention it was the only headache free part of the process?

Tracy Hannon

June 2021

We have a mid century contemporary home and wanted the kitchen remodel and addition to match the existing design. Beth and Jeff’s designs not only conformed to it but enhanced it as well. Jeff included aspects into the design that we never would have considered, and we love them. Beth and Jeff were so easy to work with that we would definitely hire the DeBaker Design Group again.

Effie Karavites

April 2021

I love Beth and Jeff! They had great ideas and seemed to really understand what I was looking for. They were great with their turn around times and help me make sure that I stayed on track. They helped me through the builder estimate process and have made sure that things with them go smoothly. Also, I live in a town that has a difficult permitting process, but Jeff really kept with them to make sure what's usually a headache for most of my neighbors, into a totally hands off process for me! Both Beth and Jeff are really the nicest people, I can't tell you how fun it was to sit down and work with them, they're great people!!!

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